Sunday, August 3, 2008

IPC Mwandi Mission Team 08

Well, this is my attempt to set up a blog so folks on the trip wanting to share our experiences with those back home can do so.
We leave Tuesday, August 5 and get to Mwandi on the 7th. Unless I am inspired, there will likely be no more posts from me until we make it to Mwandi.


Bread for the World-New Mexico Blog said...

Elaine: The Bread community now knows about your blog, thanks to the Bread blog.
Looking forward to seeing your posts.

tatelee123 said...

hey 'laner!!
just signed up on google, so HOPEFULLY i will actually get this to you ! HAHA
just read the updates by susan and it sounds like y'all are in for a life-altering week-and-a-half over there. i'm proud you're there and want you to know i'll be checking the "mail" sent each day to see how to pray intelligently for you, the team, and the lives God has prepared for you guys to touch! love you,
nunka lee